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Towing Company Near FM 2920

Towing Company Helps Tractor Trailer with Broken Brakes

A truck driver in urgent need of a towing company reached out to On Site Towing last week. The driver was in an industrial park off in Spring, TX. He had arrived at his off-load location and was pulling into the driveway.

The driveway was slightly curved with a small curb marking the border between it and the lawn. As the driver was making his way onto the driveway, disaster struck! The driver did not get the angle right and hit the curb, knocking the brake can right off the trailer! This caused air to gush out of the brake system and completely locked up the trailer’s brakes!

The tractor trailer was less than 200 feet from it’s final destination but could not get there! On Site’s towing team was on scene in less than 30 minutes. They assessed the situation and quickly made a game plan.

Seeing as the trailer was leaning off the driveway, the first task at hand was to get all wheels back on solid ground. The towing team made quick work of lifting the trailer and it’s 30,000 lb of cargo and pivoting the back end back onto the concrete driveway.

With the trailer no longer teetering off the edge of the driveway, the team was able to get underneath it and manually release the brakes. The owner of the trucking company decided against towing the tractor trailer the remaining 200 feet. Instead, he got behind the wheel and slowly drove the truck to the loading dock.

Keep up the great work team!

towing company
towing company

Details of Towing Company Helps Tractor Trailer with Broken Brakes

A call for a towing company came in to the On Site Towing 24 hour dispatch center. The towing company was needed in Spring, Texas, just off FM-2920. A towing team was dispatched to the customer’s location.

On Site Towing Company arrived on scene and assessed the situation. The back wheels of the trailer were hanging off the driveway and over the lawn. The towing company left the brakes locked while they pivoted the truck onto the driveway. Using two winch lines with one snatch block on each, the towing company lifted and pivoted the trailer onto the concrete.

With the truck back on solid ground, the tow truck personnel released the locked brakes on the trailer. The tractor trailer was now able to be moved the remaining 200 feet to the loading dock. The owner of the trucking company was on location and decided to drive the tractor trailer to the loading dock himself. The towing company stayed on site to ensure that the drive went smoothly and safely.

If the truck driver owner was unsuccessful in moving the truck, the towing service was ready to jump in and help! With the truck successfully parked at the loading dock, On Site Towing made their way back to their headquarters. On Site Towing cleans and disinfects all tow trucks between customers to ensure everyone’s safety.

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