“Quality of Life”

Junked or abandoned vehicles can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rats and other pests. Overtime sitting vehicle begin to decay, tire start crumbling, dust starts to collect, as well as fluids start to leak on your property. Dangerous and hazardous fluids could become safety hazards allowing pedestrians to slip and fall or impose fire hazards and easily set fire to.

In many cases abandoned vehicles come back stolen, or are vehicles that have been used in violent crimes. Apartment communities are easy facilities to dump such vehicles. Abandoned vehicles have also been known to house criminal activity. There is statistical reports of abandoned vehicles being utilized in prostitution meeting points, as well as drug dealers using them to store their drugs they are selling.

Keeping a clean and maintained parking facility is crucial to maintaining curb appeal, ridding unwanted crime, and protecting your property from on wanted critters.

Patrol Enforcement Program

Our Patrol Enforcement Program works for you to stop unauthorized parking on your property. You set the parameters and we enforce them by patrolling your property and automatically removing any unauthorized vehicle. This is done at the vehicle owners expense, no cost to the property owner.

Residential properties commonly suffer from over thirteen different parking challenges, some that may result in municipal fines to the property owner.

Commercial properties commonly suffer from people using their parking lot for commuter parking, overnight parking, vehicles positioned for sale, semi-trucks parked in the front lot, and vehicles that are patronizing a business not located on their property.

We can remove any vehicle ranging between a Motorcycle and a loaded Semi-Tractor/Trailer. We will enforce your parameters.


Our fleet of Light Duty trucks are available 24/7 to safely transport any vehicle up to 10,000 lbs. With state-of-the-art towing equipment and professionally trained operators, we have all the right tools and experience to handle your vehicles, including motorcycles, with the utmost care. We have extensive experience in safely transporting all types of vehicles from exotic to fleet. Whether you need your vehicle delivered to a Dealership or a private repair shop, we can assure you that it will arrive safely and on time.


We understand that having your vehicle off the road is a real cost to your business, we work to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Breakdowns or Accidents can happen at any time, Don’t wait for one to occur before you make a move. Give your drivers a single, direct line to rapid roadside assistance with 24/7/365 support.


Whether you have a sports car that you don't drive all year, or you just don't have the space for all you cars, you can safely store your vehicle with us. Choosing On Site Towing as your vehicle storage space, you will guarantee that your car is kept in mint condition until you need it again.


Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle towing has always been one of On Site Towing service offerings. Our record is impeccable, with not one damage blemishing our service history. This is due to our attention to detail and nearly two decades of expertise. We will always treat your vehicle like it’s our own.

Forklift Towing

Towing forklifts can be a tricky job to undertake. On Site Towing has extensive experience in providing specialized towing services for forklifts all the way up to 8,000 pounds.

Shipping Container Towing

On Site Towing provides fast and efficient towing for shipping containers weighing up to 8,000 pounds. We are very adept at unloading shipping containers exactly where you need them.

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Car Accident Towing

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an automobile accident, knowing how to respond quickly and efficiently is your first line of defense. The first thing you should do after getting into a crash is to report your accident to 911. The operator will proceed to ask you detailed questions about the incident and notify the proper authority agencies.

Your next step should be to call On Site Towing as quickly as possible so that we can immediately dispatch a truck to your location to tow your vehicle to safety. When the police arrive, notify the officer that you have enlisted the help of On Site Towing to tow your vehicle.

In addition to carefully towing and protecting your vehicle, we store it at our secure towing facility, and will gladly offer you a ride to wherever it is you need to go (fees may apply).

If you need any additional assistance in understanding the accident process as it applies to your vehicle, give us a call we will be happy to help you with the process. (713) 401-0800

Accident Recovery Towing Service

On Site Towing specializes in Accident Recovery. We specialize in providing professionally managed accident recoveries in Humble, Houston, and Harris County Texas since 2007. As the exclusive towing service for countless Property Owners and Management Companies, Many Dealerships and Body Repair Shops, multiple major Insurance providers , law enforcement agencies, and many private companies. On Site Towing is the company to call when an accident occurs. Trusted by companies, counties, police, and local residents for over 10 years, On Site Towing is a company you can count on.

We practice federally-recognized quick clearance/incident management procedures. This practice saves lives by reducing traffic congestion and eliminates potential hazards. We are proud to partner with local police, municipalities and their respective residents to keep our roads safe.

The Local Towing Expert.

We work closely with law enforcement agencies throughout the State to increase the awareness on the safety of both the traveling public and the incident first responders. As a premier towing company, we are responsible for the safe and efficient removal of wrecked or disabled vehicles and debris from the accident scene. As the a leading towing company we are often called upon for difficult towing situations. This is where we shine and where our knowledge and expertise is put to best use.

Safety is First Priority.

Our top priority, once we arrive on scene, (after concern for the personal safety and security of the victims) is to open the roadway by clearing vehicles and debris so traffic can begin moving normally. We always consider potential secondary incidents that can occur and take steps to remedy any issues. The faster we can clear the scene, the faster the officers investigating the accident can go to their next call. This translates into reduced traffic, increased safety and resumption of normal activities.

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If you find yourself in a tight spot with a larger vehicle than we can help you with that as well. We have the capability to tow and recover medium and heavy duty vehicles with precision and care. Our drivers are experienced with using heavy equipment and can be trusted with your vehicles.

Call On Site Towing TODAY to find out more about what types of large vehicles we can tow.


Almost everyone has had car trouble, and it rarely happens right next door to a mechanic. Chances are, you are going to need some form of emergency roadside assistance, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time or money worrying about what to do when you have car trouble. On Site Towing will always be available to help you…


Multi Family Parking Solutions

Apartment communities are very unique due to the volume of everyday traffic received from resident and visitor vehicles. Parking issues can widely vary depending on the property layout and property size or circumstances.

Our Knowledgeable Staff will be able to help you create the necessary management tools to reduce crime and unwanted traffic. We are experienced in understanding various issues that havoc communities. Implementing new technology and strategies is what makes On Site Towing different.

On Site Towing offers parking solutions to both independent retail properties as well as retail shopping centers. Our Knowledgeable staff is equipped to handle property management companies, individual property owners, or retail tenants.



Parking permits are a safety tool. Did you know that parking permits are often the first step to keeping your residents safe?

Parking permits help you know which of your residents are on your communities premises by vehicle Identification. Residents deserve to be kept safe, and experience a safe environment while at home.

Your security staff, office staff, maintenance staff, and residents can only be so alert to their surroundings, and to the traffic on your community. Parking permits are the first step to help identifying authorized or unauthorized vehicles and visitors.


Professional parking lot striping is an effective way to brighten up your business and make it more inviting to residents and customers. The first thing a customer see when entering your property is the parking lot. A well maintained and clearly marked parking lot gives a great first impression. Clearly marked parking stalls and brightly painted arrows and walkways make for a safer parking lot and keep the flow of traffic smooth and clear of congestion.


On Site Towing truly is the Towing Enforcement Leader, not because we tow a lot of cars but because we help solve parking issues. We educate your staff and your community on ALL towing requirements. On Site Towing strives to keep you and your community informed at all times. We work hard to be a solution to all your community parking needs. By allowing On Site Towing to effectively monitor your community for Abandoned, Inoperable, or Unauthorized vehicles you are taking a stand to protecting the quality, property value, and the residents of your community.


This Division works with the Constable’s Office to execute Writs of Execution, Writs of Sequestration, Writs of Possession, Tax Sales, and Execution and Order of Sale.

We are proudly serving Harris County, Montgomery County and other surrounding Counties.

Writ of Execution:
A court order that instructs the office to collect a debt owed.

Writ of Sequestration:
A court order that instructs the office to sequester or pick up personal property (vehicle, furniture, etc.) from a defendant and store in a designated storage facility.

Writ of Possession:
A court order that instructs the office to physically remove a tenant from a property and turn the property back over to the landlord.

Tax Sale:
A court order that instructs the office to post real property (vacant land or land with a structure) for public auction for delinquent taxes.

Execution and Order of Sale:
A court order that instructs the office to post real property or personal property for public auction to satisfy a debt.


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