Authorized Parking Terms and Conditions

You are hereby authorized to park on the property as long as you follow all its parking policy rules and regulations. A violation of parking policies rules and regulations deems your vehicle unauthorized to park on the property and may be towed at owners or operators expense.

The tenant is responsible to ensure that visitors obey by all parking policy rules and regulations. If at any point a visitor is parked in a manner that violates parking policy rules and regulations, it may be towed at owners or operators expense.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you understand what deems your vehicle authorized, and unauthorized to park on the premises. Any vehicle deemed unauthorized may be towed at the owner operators expense.

Parking policy rules are as followed:

Your vehicle can be towed for any of the following violations:

  • Parking Permit Properly Displayed
  • Handicap Spaces
  • Fire Lanes
  • Double Parking over the Line, taking up more than one space.
  • Blocking Garages or
  • Dumpsters
  • Blocking Entry, Exit, or Sidewalks
  • No Parking areas, including but not limited to, sidewalks, curbs, grass, ECT.)
  • “For Sale” Vehicles
  • Vehicles Leaking Fluids

Restricted Parking such as: Reserved, Assigned, No Parking Head-in, Taking up multiple spaces, Non vehicle Registration.

Vehicles that violate are subject to immediate towing &

These above listed violations may also be found in your community lease agreement in section (21).

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