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Abandoned and Nuisance Vehicle Removal

Abandoned and Nuisance vehicles are a big issue. Knowing how to properly remove and dispose of them is at times a very technical and challenging task.

Junked or abandoned vehicles can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rats and other pests. Overtime sitting vehicle begin to decay, tire start crumbling, dust starts to collect, as well as fluids start to leak on your property. Dangerous and hazardous fluids could become safety hazards allowing pedestrians to slip and fall or impose fire hazards and easily set fire to.

In many cases abandoned vehicles come back stolen, or are vehicles that have been used in violent crimes. Apartment communities are easy facilities to dump such vehicles. Abandoned vehicles have also been known to house criminal activity. There is statistical reports of abandoned vehicles being utilized in prostitution meeting points, as well as drug dealers using them to store their drugs they are selling.

Keeping a clean and maintained parking facility is crucial to maintaining curb appeal, ridding unwanted crime, and protecting your property from on wanted critters.

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