It’s the Law

On Site Towing / Park Right has created this easy to use check list to help your community stay in compliance with (ADA) standards. Take the number of ALL parking spaces that you have on your community, and below you will see how many required Handicapped parking spaces your community is REQUIRED by Federal law to have.

Not having the require amount of Handicap parking spaces is a violation of federal law; as well as, a violation of civil rights. Last year more than FIVE MILLION DOLLARS in fines were issued to parking facilities across the country.

If Your community is not in compliance contact our office today!!!! We will be happy to help you out. We have all the necessary supplies to get your community in compliance TODAY!

# of Spaces

# Required

Van Spaces

1 to 2511
26 to 5021
51 to 7531
76 to 10041
101 to 15051
151 to 20061
201 to 30071
301 to 40081
401 to 50091

501 to 1000 2% of total
1001 and over 20 and 1 additional for each 100 spaces
* one out of every 8 accessible spaces must be van accessible*

Accessible Parking Spaces for Cars (Required For Each Space)

Accessible parking spaces for cars have at least a 60-inch-wide access aisle located adjacent to the designated parking space. The access aisle is just wide enough to permit a person using a wheelchair to enter or exit the car. These parking spaces are identified with a sign and located on level ground.

Van-Accessible Parking Spaces

Van-accessible parking spaces are the same as accessible parking spaces for cars except for three features needed for vans: a wider access aisle (96”) to accommodate a wheelchair lift; vertical clearance to accommodate van height at the van parking space, the adjacent access aisle, and on the vehicular route to and from the van-accessible space, and an additional sign that identifies the parking spaces as “van accessible.”