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May 11, 2021

Semi Towing after SCARY US-59 Fire!

Semi Towing Team Clears the Scene After Tanker Fire On Site’s semi towing team was called to the scene of a massive oil tanker fire on US-59. The tanker in question was holding over 1000 gallons of highly combustible oil, as well as 1400 gallons of a corrosive chemical. As the truck driver made his way from I-10 onto Route 59 N, he began hearing more and more honking noises. He quickly realized that the honks were directed at him! Almost every motorist driving by his tanker was honking and pointing towards the back of the truck. A quick look in his rearview mirrors showed a sight no tanker driver would want to see, smoke billowing out from the rear of the truck! By the time he pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway, all four of the tanker’s rear brakes were on fire! Thankfully, a police officer was […]
May 24, 2021

Semi Towing STUCK 2019 Kenworth

Semi Towing Team Needs 2 Tow Trucks to Winch Truck Out of Muddy Road A semi towing team saved the day after a semi truck driver’s GPS took him on an adventure. The fully-loaded semi truck thought his GPS was guiding him to a nearby tractor supply in Magnolia, Texas. Unfortunately, the only place it was guiding him was to a narrow, muddy, dead-end country road! It didn’t take long for the truck driver to know that he needed serious help navigating his truck out of this dead-end road.  The local police department granted him access to a piece of city-owned property in order for him to have more space to maneuver his semi. Things quickly went from bad to worse as the truck driver attempted to turn his truck around. While the surface of the ground looked relatively dry, it quickly became apparent that it was indeed wet. With […]
June 17, 2021

Heavy Towing at 3 AM

Houston Heavy Towing Team Helps Truck Get Back on the Road On Site Towing’s heavy towing team was definitely a sight for eyes for a Houston truck driver on June 5, 2021. The heavy towing team was responding to a call that came in at 3:00 AM. The truck driver was hauling 35,000 lb of cargo as he was driving along New Haven Drive in Houston, TX.  As he passed the Gallery Furniture, the driver attempted to make a U-turn. Attempt is the key word in that sentence as the driver soon found himself in a sticky situation. There was not enough space for him to clear the turn and his rear wheels ended up hanging in mid-air over a roadside ditch! On Site’s 24 hour Houston heavy towing team received the driver’s call for help and were by his side in no time. The towing team positioned their 25-ton […]
August 4, 2021

35,000 lb Heavy Duty Tow in Houston

Humble Heavy Duty Tow Team Helps Truck in Kingwood, Texas Our heavy duty tow division was called to Kingwood, Texas, last week after a truck driver got herself stuck in the mud! The driver took a turn onto a 2-lane cul-de-sac road in the north end of Texas. When she realized her error, she tried to turn around and make a U-turn. Making a U-turn on a 2 lane road in a sedan is one thing, doing it in a truck carrying 35,000 lb of cargo is a whole different story! The driver quickly ran out of road space and began driving onto the soft grass lining the road. The truck’s wheels quickly sank into the soft grass and the driver now had zero traction from the front of the truck. Unable to use her front wheels and with her trailer now blocking both lanes, the driver was well and […]