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Semi Towing after SCARY US-59 Fire!

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May 24, 2021
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Semi Towing after SCARY US-59 Fire!

Semi Towing Team Clears the Scene After Tanker Fire

On Site’s semi towing team was called to the scene of a massive oil tanker fire on US-59. The tanker in question was holding over 1000 gallons of highly combustible oil, as well as 1400 gallons of a corrosive chemical. As the truck driver made his way from I-10 onto Route 59 N, he began hearing more and more honking noises.

He quickly realized that the honks were directed at him! Almost every motorist driving by his tanker was honking and pointing towards the back of the truck. A quick look in his rearview mirrors showed a sight no tanker driver would want to see, smoke billowing out from the rear of the truck!

By the time he pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway, all four of the tanker’s rear brakes were on fire! Thankfully, a police officer was driving on US-59 S and immediately noticed the fire and called in the fire department. 

When the fire was finally out, all eight of the truck’s rear tires had blown! Thankfully, the tires were the only casualty of the day. Had the fire department not been so responsive, things could have ended considerably worse. 

On Site Towing deployed a 50 ton wrecker and a 30 ton wrecker to the scene of the accident. The trucking company did not want to take any chances and also requested that On Site towed the tractor. While they could tow immediately the tractor, the semi towing team needed to wait for all the fuel to be pumped out of the tanker prior to towing it.

3 hours later, the tanker was finally empty and the semi towing team could get to work. They made quick work of installing a specialized tow dolly underneath the tank. Towing the tanker trailer would have been impossible without the dolly considering it no longer had rear wheels! 

With the empty tanker trailer safely secured to their 50 ton wrecker, the semi towing team towed it back to the trucking company’s yard in Houston, TX.

Fantastic work out there team!

Details of Semi Towing Team Clears the Scene After Tanker Fire

A semi towing team at On Site Towing responded to a call on Routh 59 N, just outside of Humble, TX. The semi towing team was made up of a 30 ton wrecker, a 50 ton wrecker, and a support truck. Once at the scene, the semi towing team assessed the situation.

As they could not yet tow the trailer, the towing team focused on the tractor first. The 30 ton wrecker reversed towards the front of the tractor. The semi towing team used their wheel lift to lift the front of the tractor and hook onto the front axle. After disconnecting the driveline, the towing team towed the tractor to the trucking company’s headquarters on I-10 and the Beltway. 

The semi towing team was on standby for 2 hours until the trucking company sent an empty tanker to pump out the oil from the truck. Once the tanker was empty, the towing team placed a tow dolly underneath it. With everything set, the towing team towed the tank to the trucking company’s yard.

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