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May 11, 2021
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June 17, 2021

Semi Towing Team Needs 2 Tow Trucks to Winch Truck Out of Muddy Road

A semi towing team saved the day after a semi truck driver’s GPS took him on an adventure. The fully-loaded semi truck thought his GPS was guiding him to a nearby tractor supply in Magnolia, Texas. Unfortunately, the only place it was guiding him was to a narrow, muddy, dead-end country road! It didn’t take long for the truck driver to know that he needed serious help navigating his truck out of this dead-end road. 

The local police department granted him access to a piece of city-owned property in order for him to have more space to maneuver his semi. Things quickly went from bad to worse as the truck driver attempted to turn his truck around. While the surface of the ground looked relatively dry, it quickly became apparent that it was indeed wet. With the tractor now at a 90 degree angle from the trailer and it’s wheels sinking into the mud, it was clear that a semi towing service would be the only way this truck would be moving.

On Site Towing Service dispatched a 30 ton wrecker and a 16 ton wrecker to the scene. The 16 ton wrecker was light enough to carefully drive on the ground next to the stranded semi. The semi towing team hooked the 16 ton tow truck to the back of the tractor while the 30 ton tow truck was hooked up to the back of the trailer. 

Working in unison, the semi tow truck operators slowly winched the semi tractor trailer backwards. With the tractor now on solid land, the team pulled the trailer sideways until it was possible for the truck driver to safely drive away. 

Fantastic work out there team! That truck would still be taking a mud bath if it weren’t for you! 

semi towing
semi towing
semi towing

Details of Semi Towing Team Needs 2 Tow Trucks to Winch Truck Out of Muddy Road

The On Site semi towing team was requested to aid a stranded semi tractor trailer in Magnolia, TX. Two semi towing teams were immediately dispatched to the customer’s location. Once at the customer’s location, the semi towing team assessed the situation.

A semi tractor trailer had attempted to turn around in a narrow piece of land in order to escape a dead-end road. With the truck now stuck, the semi towing team noted that the tractor was at a 90 degree angle from the trailer. The semi towing team noted that the trailer was at a 30 degree angle from the road. 

Seeing as their 16 ton wrecker was lighter than the 30 ton wrecker, the semi truck towing team drove the 16 ton wrecker to the side of the tractor. The semi towing team then hooked onto the back of the tractor with their 16 ton wrecker. They then used the 30 ton wrecker to hook onto the back of the trailer.

Winching both tractor and trailer simultaneously, the semi towing team managed to pull the tractor back onto the gravel road. The semi tow truck team then unhooked from the tractor and trailer and re-assessed the situation.

They were not happy with the angle that the trailer was sitting at. With such a narrow road, it could have caused the truck to get stuck again. With this in mind, the semi tow truck team hooked onto the trailer once again and pulled it sideways until the trailer was also on the gravel road. 

A final assessment showed that the only damage to the tractor was that its front bumper was knocked off and it’s side skirt had torn. This damage was done as the driver was trying to free himself and not during the towing operation.

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