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Heavy Towing at 3 AM

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Semi Towing STUCK 2019 Kenworth
May 24, 2021
35,000 lb Heavy Duty Tow in Houston
August 4, 2021

Houston Heavy Towing Team Helps Truck Get Back on the Road

On Site Towing’s heavy towing team was definitely a sight for eyes for a Houston truck driver on June 5, 2021. The heavy towing team was responding to a call that came in at 3:00 AM. The truck driver was hauling 35,000 lb of cargo as he was driving along New Haven Drive in Houston, TX. 

As he passed the Gallery Furniture, the driver attempted to make a U-turn. Attempt is the key word in that sentence as the driver soon found himself in a sticky situation. There was not enough space for him to clear the turn and his rear wheels ended up hanging in mid-air over a roadside ditch!

On Site’s 24 hour Houston heavy towing team received the driver’s call for help and were by his side in no time. The towing team positioned their 25-ton wrecker at a 90 degree angle from the truck. This angle and the careful placement of their winching cable allowed them to slowly pivot the trailer until all of it’s wheels were back on solid ground!

Unfortunately, the towing team had to deal with several drivers not respecting the “Move Over/Slow Down” law. Tow truck drivers should not have to put their lives at risk to help their communities. If you see an accident on the road, slow down and give emergency responders one lane clearance if possible. Tow truck drivers and emergency responders have families waiting for them to come home!

heavy towing
heavy towing

Details of Houston Heavy Towing Team Helps Truck Get Back on the Road

On Site Heavy Towing Service received a call from a client at 3:00 AM. The client was on New Haven Drive just by Gallery Furniture in Houston, TX. A heavy towing team was dispatched to the customer’s location along with their 25 ton wrecker. Departing from 7400 Harwin Drive, Houston, TX, 77036, the heavy towing team quickly hit the road.

The heavy towing team arrived on site and assessed the situation. After speaking with the truck driver, the towing team found out that he was making a U-turn on New Haven Drive when he suddenly got stuck. Upon assessment, both of the driver’s side rear wheels were hanging in the air above a roadside ditch! The passenger side wheels were also slightly off the ground. 

With all the information they needed, the towing team got to work setting up two lines (one 3-part line and one going low). The 25-ton wrecker was set up on the passenger side of the truck at a 90 degree angle. Ready to begin, the heavy towing team lifted the trailer slightly into the air and gently slid it towards their wrecker.

This allowed the trailer to pivot back onto the road at a more natural angle to the tractor. After the towing team removed their lines, the truck driver was able to continue his journey as his vehicle had not sustained any damage.

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