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Heavy Recovery Completed in Less Than 45 Minutes 

On Site Towing are experts in heavy recovery and all aspects of heavy towing. Serving the Houston, TX area, the team is ready to help in whatever way that they can – and they do so quickly and expertly! As heavy towing experts, our crew answer every call efficiently and come up with the best solutions for any issues. 

Our team recently displayed their heavy recovery expertise when they responded to a call from a customer on the Southside, just off of Highway 288 and Beltway 8. The customer’s truck had gone slightly down a ditch. Because of this, his truck and trailer were stuck and couldn’t move. This is something that we have seen often and our On Site Towing team headed straight to the scene. 

After assessing the situation, the crew decided that the best course of action was to reposition the truck. After repositioning it, they could then drag it back onto the road. With their 5-ton wrecker, they expertly worked to reposition the vehicle. Despite the barrow roadway and the length of their wrecker, On Site Towing’s two skilled crew members completed the job in expert timing. The entire heavy recovery took less than 45 minutes! 

Because of the heavy towing crew’s efficient service, the truck and its trailer were able to get back on the road quickly and head on to their destination. And the entire job was completed in under an hour without sustaining any damages! Congratulations to the team at On Site Towing – another happy customer and another job well done! 

Details of Heavy Recovery Completed in Less Than 45 Minutes 

On Site Towing assisted with a heavy recovery in Houston, TX.  The site was on the Southside, just off of Highway 288 and Beltway 8. The heavy recovery team responded to the call promptly after receiving a call from a customer who went slightly down into the ditch. The customer was driving a truck with a trailer attached onto the back. 

Two employees from On Site Towing made up the heavy recovery team. The towing experts arrived on the scene with their 50-ton heavy wrecker promptly after receiving the call. They took some time to assess the heavy recovery situation. 

Because the truck had gone slightly into the ditch, the trailer was sitting down on top of the tractor’s tandems. The truck and the trailer could not move, hence the call to On Site Towing. 

The heavy recovery crew had to reposition the truck in order to drag it back onto the road. 

The team members lifted the trailer slightly and then slid it back onto the roadway. The team had to reposition the truck a few times. This was because of the narrow roadway and length of their 50-ton heavy wrecker. The 2 crew members had to reposition the truck several times during the heavy recovery process. This Houston heavy recovery took On Site Towing about 45 minutes in total.

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