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September 1, 2021
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September 15, 2021

Heavy Towing Team Saves the Day Near Beltway 8

On Site’s heavy towing team responded to a call on Lee Road by Beltway 8. A fully loaded cement truck had a rear axle malfunction while driving. Now, the correct thing to do at this point would be to unload the cement from the truck and call a heavy duty towing company. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

The company that owned the truck decided to pull it to the repair shop on their own. While the axle wouldn’t turn while the truck was in gear, it would turn if the truck was put in neutral. Using a chain, they attempted to pull it to the mechanic.

They were rolling at approximately 12 mph and were only four blocks away from the repair shop when things got even worse for them. All of a sudden, the rear axle completely snapped! The force must have caused the wheel bearings and hub to break off as well, sending two rear tires flying into the air!

With a lot of expensive damage, the cement truck company finally called our towing team in! The closest tow truck to their location was our 25-ton wrecker. Seeing as we were only 4 blocks away from the repair shop, the lead mechanic came out to inspect the damage. He hopped behind the wheel and steered the truck back to his shop while On Site supported the weight in the back and pushed.

The heavy duty towing team got the truck to the repair shop without causing further damage. While it may be tempting to attempt to tow your own vehicle, leave it to the professionals! Their training and specialized equipment will ensure that no further damage comes to your vehicle.

heavy towing
heavy towing

Details of Heavy Towing Team Saves the Day Near Beltway 8

A heavy towing team was needed after a cement truck broke down on Lee Rd. near Beltway 8. The customer had attempted to tow their own vehicle and caused further damage to their rear axle.

The heavy towing team arrived on scene and assessed the situation. The owner of the repair shop arrived at the location as well. The mechanic discussed the game plan with the heavy towing team. The truck still had cement in it and the heavy wrecker would not be able to support its full weight.

With the mechanic onsite, the heavy tow truck team came up with a solution to move the truck the remaining four blocks. The mechanic got behind the wheel to steer the truck. The heavy towing team supported the back end of the truck and pushed backwards with their 25-ton heavy wrecker.

While it wasn’t the textbook solution, it worked. The heavy duty towing team safely got the truck to the repair shop without incurring further damage.

Once they dropped the truck off, the towing team made their way back to On Site Towing headquarters to clean their equipment and await their next call.

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