Heavy Recovery in Houston, TX

Heavy Duty Recovery in Texas
September 27, 2022
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March 24, 2023
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Heavy Recovery in Houston, TX

Heavy Recovery Team Uprights Excavator!

When a hole opened up in the ground during the repair of a water main in Houston, TX, the construction crew called upon On Site Towing’s heavy recovery division for assistance.

Why did the need a heavy tow? Unfortunately, when the ground opened up, their excavator was overturned! Uprighting this heavy piece of machinery would take experience heavy duty towing and recovery professionals!

They knew that by calling On Site Towing, they’d be guaranteed quick, professional, and efficient service! We don’t want to brag but the heavy duty recovery team at On Site is known for their expert problem solving skills and ability to tackle jobs of all sizes and complexity! That is why they are the chosen heavy towing company for numerous municipal and state police departments.

The team arrived with two heavy duty tow trucks within an hour. the heavy towing team assessed the situation and decided upon the best course of action. They righted the excavator, making sure that they did not do additional damage to the landscape or to the excavator itself. Once it was back on solid ground, the construction crew was able to continue with their work.

Fantastic work out there team! Your quick work enabled the construction crew to continue working and keep on schedule!

Details of Heavy Recovery Team Uprights Excavator!

The heavy recovery team at On Site Towing responded to an emergency call from a Houston construction site. The towing dispatcher who received the call took down all the necessary information. She ascertained that the heavy recovery would need two heavy duty wreckers on scene. Two heavy recovery crews were dispatched to the construction site immediately.

Once the heavy recovery crews were on site, they assessed the situation. A construction team had been repairing a water main when the ground gave way underneath them. They had been operating an excavator at the time and the excavator had fallen into the newly formed hole!

The heavy towing operators needed to assess the best way to lift the excavator out of the hole. They needed to come up with a solution that was not only safe for everyone around but also cause no further damage to the excavator.

Thankfully, the heavy duty towing operators at On Site Towing have decades of experience under their belts. They were able to quickly come up with a plan for the recovery operation. The team got to work and by following their recovery plan, they were able to successfully upright the excavator and get it out of the hole!

The heavy towing team made their way back to On Site Towing’s Houston location located at
 7400 Harwin Drive, Suite B., Houston, TX 77036

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