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Heavy Recovery of 45,000 lb Honeywagon

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August 11, 2021
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September 6, 2021
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Heavy Recovery of 45,000 lb Honeywagon

Heavy Recovery Team Saves Honeywagon from Super Stinky Situation

You never know what a day will bring you when you work in heavy recovery. Some days you will be uprighting a semi tractor, and other days you’ll have to pull a truck full of human excrement out of a ditch! “Truck full of human excrement” doesn’t have a nice ring to it so we will refer to it as a “honeywagon” for the rest of this blog!

The On Site Towing heavy recovery team was called out to Dickinson, TX, after a honeywagon got itself into a muddy situation. The vacuum truck was making its way back from a construction site after having emptied several porta potties. The dirt road leading to the construction site was extremely muddy after heavy rain.

The honeywagon driver noticed that some parts of the dirt road were not as compacted as others. As he did his best to avoid those extra muddy spots, he ended up veering off the road and into a ditch! The truck was now leaning sideways, wheels sinking into the thick mud.

Had the truck gone a bit further, it would have completely tipped over! That would have definitely made the heavy recovery team’s job a lot more difficult (and smelly). The recovery team had to be extremely careful on the placement of their heavy wrecker. If they drove into the mud, they wouldn’t be of much help to the honeywagon!

With the wrecker’s rear suspension dropped and outriggers planting it to the ground, the team began the recovery process. Carefully placed snatch blocks allowed the team to make relatively quick work of pulling the honeywagon out of the ditch. 

With the help of the recovery team, the honeywagon driver was able to get out of the ditch and off of the muddy road. Great work out there team! That is definitely one pot of honey we would all like to avoid!

heavy recovery
heavy recovery

Details of Heavy Recovery Team Saves Honeywagon from Super Stinky Situation

A heavy recovery team was sent out to a construction site by Farm to Market Road 517 in Dickinson, Texas. The heavy recovery team arrived on scene with a 25 ton wrecker and assessed the situation.

A vacuum truck had driven off the road and into a ditch. The heavy recovery team noted that the truck’s wheels were stuck in deep mud. The recovery team made sure to park their 25 ton wrecker on a solid part of the dirt road. They dropped the rear suspension and placed the outriggers out to keep the heavy wrecker in place.

With the wrecker ready, the heavy recovery team used both winch lines with snatch blocks in place in order to pull the truck out of the ditch. The team successfully recovered the honeywagon from the ditch.

The truck driver was able to drive off the dirt road immediately after being winched out. The heavy duty winching team made their way back to On Site Towing where they washed the mud off of all their equipment.

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