Heavy Recovery in Splendora

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February 1, 2022
Houston Heavy Recovery
May 9, 2022

Heavy Recovery Team Save Sinking Tractor-Trailer From Roadside Ditch

When a driver found himself stuck in a roadside ditch, he reached out to On Site Towing for an emergency heavy recovery.

The driver was making a delivery of wall sections and roof trusses to a construction site for a new home in Splendora, TX. As he was making the delivery, the driver’s side wheels went on the soft grass by the road. The driver would have certainly avoided doing this had he known how much rain the region had been getting in the past few days!

Before he knew it, the driver-side tires of his tractor-trailer had sunk into a roadside ditch. He was well and truly stuck. The heavy load was balancing precariously due to the awkward angle the trailer had found itself in. 

The driver had no choice but to call up his local heavy recovery team and explain the situation. He needed to save the load, rescue his truck, and get straight back to work. Wasting no time at all, the heavy recovery team sent out one of their best men, JJ. 

JJ arrived on the scene with a 25-ton wrecker, ready for anything. He assessed the situation, created a plan, and began the job.

First thing first, he set up the rigging and used the first winch to lift up the heavy cargo. The second winch was used to lift up the trailer on the driver’s side (where the tires had sunk), thankfully saving the heavy load. The combined lift gave the tractor-trailer just enough traction to make it out of the ditch and back onto the safety of the concrete. Phew!

JJ completed this mammoth of a job in just 45 short minutes. Fantastic work!

Remember, always look out for local weather warnings and take the necessary precautions when driving on soft ground.

Details Of Heavy Recovery Team Save Sinking Tractor-Trailer From Roadside Ditch

 A heavy recovery team was at the scene when a tractor-trailer sunk into a roadside ditch. The driver of the tractor-trailer was delivering a heavy load of wall sections and roof trusses to a new home in Splendora, Texas. 

Near Highway 59 a torrential downpour had just taken place, making the ground soft and hard to drive big tractor-trailers on. In conditions like these, you should be extra vigilant when driving. However, the driver was too late to notice and ended up compromising his heavy load. 

His driver-side tires had sunk and got stuck in a roadside ditch. He made a quick call to his local heavy recovery team. The heavy recovery team knew exactly what to do in this situation. The heavy duty recovery team pulled up on the scene with their 25-ton wrecker to save the tractor-trailer

The heavy recovery team set up the rigging, used the first winch to lift up the cargo and the second winch to lift up the trailer. The team’s hard work meant the tractor-trailer had enough traction to get back onto the road. The heavy recovery team completed the job in just 45 minutes.

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