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35,000 lb Heavy Duty Tow in Houston

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June 17, 2021
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35,000 lb Heavy Duty Tow in Houston

Humble Heavy Duty Tow Team Helps Truck in Kingwood, Texas

Our heavy duty tow division was called to Kingwood, Texas, last week after a truck driver got herself stuck in the mud! The driver took a turn onto a 2-lane cul-de-sac road in the north end of Texas. When she realized her error, she tried to turn around and make a U-turn.

Making a U-turn on a 2 lane road in a sedan is one thing, doing it in a truck carrying 35,000 lb of cargo is a whole different story! The driver quickly ran out of road space and began driving onto the soft grass lining the road. The truck’s wheels quickly sank into the soft grass and the driver now had zero traction from the front of the truck.

Unable to use her front wheels and with her trailer now blocking both lanes, the driver was well and truly stuck. On Site Towing sent out a team with a heavy duty tow truck to her location. The tow truck operator would need to lift the back of the trailer and slowly straighten it out. 

While it may seem like a straightforward task, nothing is simple when it comes to lifting over 35,000 lb! The tow truck operator needed to be methodical in the angles he chose to lift the massive container. Slowly but surely, he got the trailer into a better position. His last task was to complete one final pull which released the tractor from it’s muddy prison.

2 hours later and not one scratch made to the trailer, the truck was able to continue on it’s journey. Great work out there team! 

Details of Humble Heavy Duty Tow Team Helps Truck in Kingwood, Texas

A heavy duty tow team was called to Kingwood, Texas, after a truck got stuck in a cul-de-sac not far from I-69. A heavy duty tow team was dispatched from On Site Towing – Cars, Heavy Duty & Semi Truck Towing, 7311 Charpiot Ln, Humble, TX 77396, United States. 

The heavy duty tow team took I-69/US-59 N to Kingwood Drive and then made their way to the customer’s location. Once at the scene, the Humble heavy towing team assessed the situation and formulated a plan to recover the truck safely.

The truck was carrying 35,000 lb worth of cargo. The heavy duty towing team had a 25 ton heavy duty wrecker. They utilized snatch blocks to increase the amount of weight each of their towing lines could handle. Without the snatch block, each line was rated at 11,500 lb. Using the snatch blocks, the heavy duty tow team now had 23,000 lb per line.

The Humble heavy duty tow team needed to straighten out the trailer. Slowly and methodically, they lifted and straightened the trailer. In order to maintain safe working conditions, the heavy duty towing team needed to reposition their wrecker twice during the process.

With the trailer now in a better position, the heavy tow truck team used the lines that were already connected to the back of the trailer. Pulling backwards, the heavy towing team managed to free the tractor’s front wheels from the mud.

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