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December 22, 2021

Tractor Trailer Towing at 4AM!

Tractor Trailer Towing in New Caney, TX, After U-turn Gone Wrong Our tractor trailer towing team got an early wake-up call after a U-turn gone wrong in New Caney, TX. It was 4AM as a truck carrying 40,000 lb of cargo was making its way to a big-box store’s distribution center. The driver missed his turn and decided to make a U-turn at a nearby gas station. Unfortunately for the driver, the small gas station did not have enough space for a successful U-turn. The driver was not able to swing the trailer wide enough and the driver-side trailer wheels ended up in a ditch! The awkward angle the trailer ended up in was causing the passenger-side tractor wheels to lift off the ground! The driver was stuck and needed assistance ASAP! While it must have been a stressful time for the driver, it was just another day for the […]
January 7, 2022

Heavy Tow Humble on US-59

Heavy Tow Humble Team Saves the Day Our heavy tow Humble team came to the rescue of a broken down 18 wheeler. The driver was making his way down US-59 when his truck suddenly broke down and he was unable to shift gears. The heavy towing team was by the driver’s side in minutes. Their main priority was to get the truck off the highway and away from fast-moving traffic. The truck was having issues holding air pressure. Thankfully, the heavy tow Humble team managed to get enough air in the system to tow the truck to a nearby service station. The truck was hauling a reefer trailer which was starting to run out of fuel. The team towed the truck to the pumps so the driver could top off the fuel on his reefer trailer. With the 3 mile tow complete and the truck safe at the truck stop, […]
February 1, 2022

Pay for Towing with Cash App

You Can Pay for Towing with Cash App with On Site Towing! Did you know that you can pay for towing with Cash App anywhere in Houston and Humble? On Site Towing began accepting alternative payment methods such as Cash App, Zelle, and PayPal at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. These alternative payment methods enabled customers to call for a tow and pay, all without coming into contact with anyone. As time went on, the On Site team began to see more and more benefits of offering customers the chance to pay for towing with Cash App. One particular instance that comes to mind is a mother of two whose car was towed after a traffic stop. Seeing as she had no insurance, the police requested that her car be towed until she could provide proof of insurance. The mother arrived at On Site with her two toddlers but […]
April 3, 2022

Heavy Recovery in Splendora

Heavy Recovery Team Save Sinking Tractor-Trailer From Roadside Ditch When a driver found himself stuck in a roadside ditch, he reached out to On Site Towing for an emergency heavy recovery. The driver was making a delivery of wall sections and roof trusses to a construction site for a new home in Splendora, TX. As he was making the delivery, the driver’s side wheels went on the soft grass by the road. The driver would have certainly avoided doing this had he known how much rain the region had been getting in the past few days! Before he knew it, the driver-side tires of his tractor-trailer had sunk into a roadside ditch. He was well and truly stuck. The heavy load was balancing precariously due to the awkward angle the trailer had found itself in.  The driver had no choice but to call up his local heavy recovery team and […]