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January 2022

January 7, 2022

Heavy Tow Humble on US-59

Heavy Tow Humble Team Saves the Day Our heavy tow Humble team came to the rescue of a broken down 18 wheeler. The driver was making his way down US-59 when his truck suddenly broke down and he was unable to shift gears. The heavy towing team was by the driver’s side in minutes. Their main priority was to get the truck off the highway and away from fast-moving traffic. The truck was having issues holding air pressure. Thankfully, the heavy tow Humble team managed to get enough air in the system to tow the truck to a nearby service station. The truck was hauling a reefer trailer which was starting to run out of fuel. The team towed the truck to the pumps so the driver could top off the fuel on his reefer trailer. With the 3 mile tow complete and the truck safe at the truck stop, […]