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August 2021

August 11, 2021

Car carrier tow on FM 1960

Houston car carrier tow team moves truck blocking traffic On Site’s car carrier tow team responded to an accident on FM 1960 and Bammel Westfield Road on July 8, 2021. A car hauler was exiting a parking lot when trouble struck! You see, the exit to the parking lot was quite steep. While a passenger vehicle could easily enter and exit, the same couldn’t be said for this car hauler! The tractor cleared the exit to the parking lot quite easily. Unfortunately, that is where the driver’s good luck ended. As the tractor straightened out onto the road, the steep angle of the exit point caused the trailer to begin dragging on the ground. As the angle increased, the tractor began to lose forward momentum quickly. With the trailer now making contact with the ground, the front wheels of the tractor began to lift off of the ground! The tractor […]
August 4, 2021

35,000 lb Heavy Duty Tow in Houston

Humble Heavy Duty Tow Team Helps Truck in Kingwood, Texas Our heavy duty tow division was called to Kingwood, Texas, last week after a truck driver got herself stuck in the mud! The driver took a turn onto a 2-lane cul-de-sac road in the north end of Texas. When she realized her error, she tried to turn around and make a U-turn. Making a U-turn on a 2 lane road in a sedan is one thing, doing it in a truck carrying 35,000 lb of cargo is a whole different story! The driver quickly ran out of road space and began driving onto the soft grass lining the road. The truck’s wheels quickly sank into the soft grass and the driver now had zero traction from the front of the truck. Unable to use her front wheels and with her trailer now blocking both lanes, the driver was well and […]